Saturday, December 3, 2011

# 11

During high school, I created the image to the right.  I used a template in a program called Pages and stole all of the pictures off of the internet.  So I decided to redo this image using proper PhotoShop techniques and original images. 

I started with the cork board.  First, I downloaded some cork board textures from and dragged them onto the new document.  Second, I downloaded a picture from Morgue File and cut out the picture in the middle.  I then dragged that on top of the cork board.

Next, I created the picture of the Blue Man Group.  One of my friends, John Pinson, saw them live and got pictures with them after the show, so I was able to use his images.  However, he didn't have a picture with all three of them together, only pictures of him and his friends with one of the Blue Men.

First, I used the smart selection tool to select each guy, created a new layer of the selection, and then used the refine edge tool until I had a lifelike selection.  I then resized one of the images that looked particularly larger than the other two.  Next, I dragged them all onto a new project and arranged them to cover up the gaping holes in their side.  And finally, I used the color balance to adjust the color and give them a green tint.  Next, I needed to create the Polaroid effect.  I created a new document and added a bit of gradient to the outer edge.  Next, I dragged the photo on top of it.  Voila.

Next, I created the notes using both PhotoShop and Illustrator.  I downloaded the crumpled paper texture from, and then used Illustrator to create the text.  Next, I dragged the text onto the paper and then used the Layer Style box to insert a drop shadow.

My last step was creating the thumbtack.  I stuck a tack in the wall, took a picture, and then used the smart selection tool to select the tack and shadow.  Next, I created a new layer of the selection and refined the edge.  My last step was to rotate the image in order to create the effect that the pin was stuck in at different angles.  I dragged those various pins onto the image and was finished!

(Image I chose to redo)