Wednesday, December 7, 2011

# 3

This image originally looked like the photograph on the left that I took, but I tweaked a few things to make it even cooler.  First, I got rid of the pink towel's corner that you can see above the door know in the original picture.  I did this by using the lasso tool to select the towel, and then doing content-aware fill.  However, this blurred both the door and the knob, so I used the history brush to bring both of those back into focus.

Next, I turned the image black and white by choosing Image > Adjustments > Black and White.  Then I added an adjustment layers mask and changed the levels to bring out the black in the door.  However, this made the wall very dark and it was difficult to see the doorknob.  So, for my last step, I selected the adjustment layer, and after selecting my brush and setting it to black, proceeded to "poke holes" in the adjustment layer, revealing the lighter wall and door knob.