Wednesday, December 7, 2011

# 5

This image is based on the movie, Alice in Wonderland.  At first, I simply put the picture of the plate (which plays the role of a clock) on top of the picture of my sister dressed as the Mad Hatter, and began experimenting with blend modes.  I soon realized that many of the blend modes I liked left the black lines of the clock on her face and hands, so I opened the clock picture in PhotoShop and used the content-aware fill to get rid of the black lines that covered her face.  I then decided open the image in Illustrator, and I used the pencil and pen tool to create the squiggly lines.  I also used the pathfinder tool to create the arrows.

I then dragged the new clock image back on top of the picture of Mad Hatter and chose the darken color bland mode.  This left the image looking a little too dark though, so I used a brightness and contrast adjustment layer to bring back the brightness of the image.

(Image based on movie)